Klonopin – The deadliest prescription drug in America

Doctors are coming to know that Klonopin is a deadliest prescription-only drug that would cause serious withdrawals, addiction, and deaths.

You would have heard about jellyfish and this is the deadliest sea wasp. When this sting pokes a person there are chances that he or she would die within a period of four minutes. A single jellyfish sting can kill up to 100 humans at a single time. Potassium chloride is one such thing that can cause cardiac arrest and cause immediate death. This has put people in fatal conditions in highest number. However, when you consider prescription-only drugs that are the deadliest there are chances that it would drag the negative effects in the body for so many years. In this phase, people would fell miserable and would find it very hard to halt the benzodiazepine. The most addictive and dangerous drug among this group is known as Klonopin.

Klonopin which is the brand one is known as Clonazepam and it is its generic name. This drug came into the market in the year 1975. When this was introduced in the market it was taken to treat epileptic seizures. Klonopin became the prescription-only drug after people from Hollywood to wall street started to abuse the medication.

Most of the people would know about Stevie Nicks who is a seventies rock star. This person is the poster girl who had the risk of Klonopin addiction. Apart from this, the singer Fleetwood Mac always mentions in the interview about the risks of Klonopin and how easy it is to abuse the medication and how it took the life of her.

During the latest promo release, it is known that she blamed Klonopin because it made her not to get conceived. She also added that only thing that she wanted to change is that the incident where she walks into the clinic of the psychiatrist and she has been prescribed with Klonopin. This incident actually ruined her eight years of life. She worryingly said that she would have met someone one and she might also be conceived.

Nicks the famous personality also checks one of the most popular clinics to get rid of cocaine addiction in the year 1986. After she was released from the clinic she was prescribed with a lot of benzos like Valium, Xanax and at last Klonopin. To the US weekly in the year 2001, she mentioned that Klonopin turned her into a zombie.

The patients who came out of addiction also created a lot of blogs to offer information about the drug. They mentioned about Benzodiazepine addiction, withdrawal as well as recovery. Nick also added that Klonopin is a horrible and a very dangerous medication. This was her word when she came out of the 45-day hospital detox state. She added that she felt like someone opened the door and pushed her into the hell.

Other people who took Klonopin medication mentioned that initially, it would be like a good feel or euphoria but it would end up having a terrible anxiety, electric outlet on the tongue and you might get a feeling that your brain is on fire.

After the benzodiazepines came into the market, it was initially prescribed to treat some neurological disorders like anxiety issue, epilepsy, and insomnia. But after this, the authorities mentioned the doctor to prescribe these drugs for conditions that range from weight control issues to panic attacks. Valium became very famous and it is popularly called a Mothers little helper. According to this name, this became a sedative which is used by housewives and bored people.

Those who are the drug addicts or those who are alcoholics are more likely to run into this benzodiazepine for detox. When the medication is taken it a prevent seizures and can also control the signs of acute withdrawal. The time that is taken for the medication to metabolize in the body is very much slow compared to other drugs in the group. So it is clear that you need not have to take it more frequently.

When you start to increase the dosage strength and start taking it there are chances that you would receive addictive effects. This can really be devastating.

If you see the label of the drug it would have clearly mentioned that it can be taken only for a shorter span of time. The period should be approximately for seven to ten days only. The side effects that you might receive this medication are worse. However, there are many healthcare professionals who are happy to refill the drug for their patient. This is due to the demand that there is among people.

This act causes addiction in a person very easily. There are numerous occurrences of deaths due to drug intoxication. To avoid this, it is better to get treated for the benzo addiction at the initial stage itself.

There are also cases of deaths among celebrities too after they have misused this medication.

Actress Margaux Hemingway is known to commit suicide by overdosing a benzodiazepine drug along with a cocktail. David Foster Wallace who was already suffering from depression and was prescribed with Klonopin was known to go to the backyard and also hanged to death. There was an unintentional benzo drug overdose by Don Simpson and he died.

The researchers are not aware of what happens when Klonopin is taken. They are just aware of the fact that after the medication is taken it would affect the central nervous system. When this occurs this drug would help a person to put out of stress and have fewer anxiety issues. Klonopin is definitely a very addictive medication and it is supposed to be taken properly or else it would cause severe issues in the body. Taking the drug for a shorter span of time is always recommended and it is a wise thing to do for your health sake